Does your skin look like a prune during winter? Below are some useful tips to tackle dry skin.

1.    Take a shower (or a bath) with the following in mind:

  • 🚿Use lukewarm to warm water (not too hot)
  • Don’t stay too long (🕑10 min max)
  • Wash yourself smoothly with a gentle unscented soap
  • To dry, dab the skin with a towel, without rubbing
  • Immediately apply a body moisturizer

2.     ✅ Use a cream or an ointment instead of a lotion

3.    🔎 Look for “ceramide”- based products

  •  Ceramides are the main components of the stratum corneum whose role is to retain water in the skin
  • Other ingredients to look for: Lactic acid, urea, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, lanolin, petrolatum

4.    🤲🏻 Bring along a hand cream tube wherever you go!

5.    🔥Keep warm!

Avoid long exposure to the cold. If you have to go out, wear gloves or mittens & make sure you feel as warm as possible

Thanks to these few tips, your skin should get better rapidly. If you still experience itching, burning or discomfort after a while, you should seek advice from a dermatologist 📲.

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